Robert just has the right solution for your hairline

By Yoliswa Hlatshwayo

KANYAMAZANE – Is your hairline receding way back? Worry no more as Robert Matema has got a solution for hair loss. After returning from the United Kingdom last year, the candidate professional engineer decided to manufacture his own hair growth products made from natural ingredients. 
Mpumalanga Mirror spoke to him about M&M Organics. 

Tell us more about your hair care range and how the idea came about
After I gained some experience in engineering, I felt like I needed to do something different. I often heard my sister complain about her hairline, then I started doing my own research and realized that some products are not developed for natural hair strictly. I tried to figure out what substances are available to use for my primary target market, which is black women specifically. 
I tested the product on my sister first and the results were good. Although there are similar hair products to mine, the aim was also to make them easily available to locals. 
Currently on the market is a beard grower and scalp balm for hairline.

Do you have a team you’re working with?
We’re a team of young people that includes a distribution partner, a female who is responsible for digital marketing and another major distributor, as well as my sister. 

When did you launch it commercially and how has the response been from the targeted market?
It was launched three months ago and soon after that my clientele grew when my friend’s partner started recommending it to other people shortly after she started using it. Repeat sales determine if you have a business or not. For the fact that people have bought twice or more, there’s hope. Almost 60% of the orders are from outside the province, which is great. The support has been good so far. 

What’s unique about your product?
The products boost hair growth, prevent breakages, reduce scalp irritation and maximize moisture retention for just under a R100 which is quite affordable.
We use natural ingredients like coconut oil and cannabis. One of the most important things about hair is moisture, which is what the coconut oil focuses on to avoid a dry scalp and it dissolves instantly, allowing it to easily absorb the moisture. We also use marijuana extracts which are vital nutrients. They release blood circulation in hair cells for healthy hair growth.

What do you think is the most common problem most people have when it comes to hair?
The hairline! When conducting my survey, I also called almost every female on my contact list to find out what problems they encountered with their hair. Most of them complained about their receding hairlines. For some, it’s caused by pulling when plaiting and chemical damage to the hair. 
Any hair tips you can share with people?

  1. Avoid buying and using different products. 
  2. Make sure you keep your hair and scalp moisturized. 
  3. Celebrate and embrace your hair whether it’s natural, a weave or any hairstyle. Hair is part of self expression after all. 

What are your future plans?
To develop an efficient distribution strategy for the product to reach the client on time.  We’re also looking at starting an online store and market it fully on social media and digital platforms. 

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